New B9 Black Casting and Prototyping Resin Revealed

B9Creation’s Shon Anderson shares the B9Creator and announces a new black resin for casting and prototyping at the 2015 uv-eb West Expo.

In addition to the fine slicing and outstanding quality of the 3D printer, Shon highlights the company’s philosophy on user flexibility. B9Creations gives customers the ability to adjust the printer and the software to create thinly sliced prints at 5 microns for lost wax casting as well as quicker curing, more durable prototypes. The company also has the software available for free download. This means you can experiment by importing existing models, crashing models together, adding supports or even creating your own model before buying a printer. Download the software and then hit preview rather than print.

On the supplies side, three types of resin are now available. The B9 Red and Cherry are targeted at the casting market whereas the new black resin contains more pigment and cures faster for quicker, prototyping projects. The black resin is also castable. Extra vats are also available so you don’t need to spend time recoating your existing vat and you can always have a spare or two available. Whether you are a jeweler, a dentist, or a designer, B9 has the printer and materials for you!

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