New & improved CastSolid resin replaces FireCast

MadeSolid has just introduced CastSolid, a new version of their casting resin. This new product promises improved reliability and detail from 25 µm to 100 µm while maintaining minimal shrinkage and thermal expansion. It is less viscous than most resins and easier to clean out from the vat and off prints.

CastSolid is also formulated to work in a wider range of printers and casting processes. So whether you have a Form1, Spark, LittleRP, B9Creator, Kudo (without teflon coating) or Asiga, this investment casting resin is compatible. And even though CastSolid is optimized for Kerr Satin Cast 20 and Kerr’s casting schedule, it is flexible and can be burned out with most jeweler’s existing heat schedules.

Both 500ml and 250ml sizes are now available online at

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