B9Creator 3D Printer is on par with much more expensive printers - ★★★★★

I used to outsource my printing needs. Since I bought the B9Creator there is no need for that anymore. The detail and quality of the prints are outstanding, and the quality of the castings are on par with much more expensive machines. The build times are fast and the price of the resin is very low.
I can recommend this printer to anybody who has limited financial resources but wants professional results. Furthermore the kit is easy to assemble and the forum is a great resource if any problem should occur.


ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber Filament is Revolutionary! - ★★★★★

I enjoy experimenting with new materials that I can use with my Makerbot Replicator 2 and I must say I was really impressed when I tried this new product by Proto Pasta. According to the producer's specifications, the CF PLA is 50% stiffer than regular PLA, which makes it particularly suitable for printing support structures and functional assemblies. On top of that, the carbon fiber/graphite look of the printed surfaces looks great! A new material definitely worth experimenting. Redresins in one of the few, in not the only, reseller of this product in Europe.

Note: Attention must be paid when handling the spool, since the raw filament can easily break if twisted or bended.

Carlo M.


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