The burning question. Is resin really castable?

Lost wax casting has been around for over 5,000 years. However, 3D printing is changing the game for jewelers and dentists. Lower priced, high quality 3D printers and castable resins are opening the door for additive manufacturing in these fields.

In the past, subtractive manufacturing (carving or CNC milling) was common for making models for lost wax casting or other types of mold making. Now jewelers and dentists have more options and are saving time and money by investing in 3D printing.

For example, The Alternative Jewelry Shop in Kentucky is using the B9Creator and B9 casting resins to manufacture unique works of art. Customers are thrilled with the detail in the custom pieces and love being involved in the design process. With a 3D printer, The Alternative Jewelry Shop can create hollow models with undercuts that were impossible with traditional carving or CNC milling. They can show customers models before they are cast and are saving both time and money. In fact, in a mere 8 months they have already recuperated their investment in the B9Creator!

In Spain, a Redresins’ customer is using MadeSolid’s CastSolid resin to redefine his dental business. The demand for customized dental appliances and implants is growing and CastSolid is allowing him to reduce the customer wait time. He is able to use 3D printing to create replacement teeth, crowns, inlays and veneers, recreating fine details such as tiny grooves in each tooth.

Here at Redresins, we provide a wide range of tested, high quality castable resins to Europe and the rest of the world. Over 600 jewelers worldwide have used the B9 Red and Cherry resins and the results are impressive. B9 Black resin is also available for order. Additionally, we sell CastSolid, the new and improved version of FireCast, and customers and casters are pleased with the new formula. Although it is optimized for the Kerr casting process it works on a wide range of settings.

Now is your chance to experience the benefits of 3D printing and castable resin!

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