Great Results – Switched from B9 Yellow Resin to B9 Emerald Resin

B9 Emerald Resin Use in Jewelry

Hello, I am Nicolas, the founder of Vivalatina Jewelry Workshop (the english version of my French main site) and I use B9 resin to 3D print the masters of my jewelry creations.

A while ago I published a post here about the use of B9 Yellow resin in jewelry. In mid 2017, I switched from B9 Yellow to B9 Emerald resin for my jewelry prints.

The reason, it is a bit cheaper so I wanted to test it.

Also, I had some trouble taking pictures of my yellow 3D printed parts. The tone and transparency of the B9 Yellow resin gave me trouble showing the details of my prints to clients when I sent them photos.

So after some months of use, and after being very satisfied with the B9 Emerald I decided to explain why.

University ring cast in silver, printed with B9 Emerald resin

What did not change:

There is no difference between the B9 Yellow and B9 Emerald in the incineration process. Both resins do well in the oven, burning well with no ash. For the parts I burn I have noticed no difference in use or result.

The curing time is also the same.

Academic sculpture 3d printed and then cast in silver

What did change: 

The pigmentation of the B9 Emerald is much more pronounced, so the details of 3D printed parts are much more visible on pictures and screens than the yellow resin printed parts.

The suspension of pigment in the resin is better for the B9 Emerald than the B9 Yellow, I have no idea why. Simply, the pigments are resting much longer in suspension with the emerald than with the yellow resin.

The life span/durability of the liquid B9 Emerald in the bottle is incredibly better than the B9 Yellow. I can leave my B9 Emerald for months in a darkened bottle with no visible quality degradation while I could not do so with the B9 Yellow resin.

There is no irritating smell with the B9 Emerald while the B9 Yellow had an unpleasant odor, which is important if you, like me, have your 3D printer close to your desk.

Diamond ring, 3D printed and then cast in 18k white gold

Signet ring cast in silver, more signet rings in the vivalatina’s collection here


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