Tethon 3D Porcelite Ceramic Resin


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1L UV-curable ceramic resin

The Premier UV ceramic resin. Shrinkage under 5% at 1200c. Aluminum Silicate Ceramic with high loading.

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Porcelite® is a UV-curable ceramic resin. This porcelain photo-curable resin is suitable for 3D printers that utilize SLA, DLP or CLIP technologies with UV wavelengths between 350 and 405 nM.

Porcelite is ideal for objects requiring high resolution details. It’s capable of printing at 25 micron lay thickness.

Shrinkage is approximately 14% in equivalent X, Y and Z axes (dependent upon the part geometry).  After firing, objects may be glazed with commercially available glazes.  Glazed objects are food safe, microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Applications for Porcelite 3D printing include specialized manufacturing, fine art, engineering, architecture, design and more.

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