B9Creator Printer Calibration Grid Set


This B9Creator Calibration Grid Set makes achieving proper focus and calibration visually easy for your B9Creator 3d printer.

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Proper focus and calibration of the projector is critical to print quality, surface finish, and dimensional accuracy.

Without the Calibration Grid Set, calibration can be performed with a paper printout which is subject to improper dimensional scaling by your 2d printer and is difficult to get it to lay flat in order to view the entire build area simultaneously.

This calibration set comes with three grids.  One for 30, 50, and 70 micron settings. All calibration grids come with etched circles and lines that precisely match the calibration image projected by your B9Creator 3d printer.

The etched lines and circles allow for easy alignment with the projected calibration image and light up when the image is calibrated (sized properly).

The etched rectangles on each side and circle in the center make it easy to determine when the projector is focused properly.

The Calibration Grid Set is included with every assembled B9Creator V1.2.

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