Redresins in the Orange Elevator Pitch!

Redresins was invited to participate in the Orange Elevator Pitch, organised by the Netherlands Business Support Office in Barcelona.

It was a fun day together with a variety of other Dutch entrepreneurs in Barcelona. After an official interview and photoshoot the elevator was next…quite a challenge to explain the background and key selling points of Redresins before we got to the top floor! See the result for yourself in only 60 seconds, however some understanding of the Dutch language is required. The video explains in more detail what Redresins focuses on with regards to 3D printing supplies, such as filament, resins and more specifically the specialty products to support markets as jewelry, architecture and fashion. Additionally, the video tells more about typical Dutch qualities as language skills, reliability, and flexibility, and how these help grow the business in and from Barcelona.

In case you want to know more, just contact us with all your 3D questions!




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